A simple way to define an addiction is to describe it as something you cannot do without for any particularly length of time without experiencing some sort of side effect. A more specific definition of an unhealthy addiction would be the practice of engaging in behavior that is not good for you and has the potential to produce unhealthy and negative consequences.

Although many people understand the definition of an unhealthy addiction and the possible side effects, it is a reality that some of those same people are living with unhealthy addictions such as drug abuse or alcoholism. What is even more surprising is that these addictions are creating those unhealthy and negative consequences in their lives but they have not yet sought out help for their addiction.

Part of the problem when you are battling with drug abuse is that a drug addiction can quickly spiral out of control, causing the addiction to swell to epic proportions before a person can ascertain their degree of addiction or seek help. Vermont rehab facilities can help you land safely with a drug rehab program designed to help you break that out of control feeling and experience the pleasure of addiction recovery.

Vermont treatment centers are located around the state for convenient access to the drug intervention and rehab programs these centers offer. Some drug abuse is so severe that residential treatment is mandatory to help the addict safely transition from addiction to recovery through intervention and rehabilitation. Less severe drug rehab, such as those for addictions to prescription pain killers, can sometimes be participated in with bi-weekly meetings in groups or in individual sessions.

Drug rehabilitation in Vermont is instituted by doctors and nurses who are passionate about their work because they believe your success is theirs too!